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11 August 2011

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Our latest go-live is for power house of dance, DanceXchange. The new website has been designed to better showcase the scope of their work – including the carefully curated 10th anniversary season programme, diverse range of classes and collaborative production of innovative, participatory projects.

We've also been working with DanceXchange on the development of their brand identity, a '10th anniversary' advertising campaign and new-format season brochure.

Initially commissioned to redesign DanceXchange's brochure and website in honour of their 10th anniversary season, we first carried out a refresh of their brand identity; building on – and making the most of – what was already there.

With its simplified colour palette, complementary typeface selection and emphasis on the 'double slash' device, the new look is bold, clear – and distinctively DanceXchange.

The first application of the identity was a new-format brochure; bringing together previously separate performance and class elements in order to promote crossover between different attenders. A fairly subtle colour-coding is used to differentiate between sections but consistent elements also remain, meaning the brochure flows seamlessly and everything feels part of one organisation.

The updated identity has also been rolled-out across a 10th anniversary outdoor ad campaign, press advertisements, performance promotions for the likes of Rosie Kay and Hofesh Shechter, classes collateral, emarketing and a brand new website.

Formerly quite static (as it was difficult for the DanceXchange team to update), the old website simply wasn't representative of the organisation or its extensive range of work. This needed to be remedied. A flexible CMS now allows the team to remain in control of content and the new site's structure and design helps to showcase the scope of DanceXchange's work

Having been applied across the entirety of DanceXchange's communications collateral, the new look has been extremely well received internally at DanceXchange, by their Board of Directors and partners, as well as – perhaps most importantly – by DanceXchange’s audience.

Supercool is now DanceXchange's sole design agency, ensuring that – from performances to participation to production – DanceXchange has a look to match its work as 'a power house of dance'.

I’m thrilled! The team at Supercool worked hard to understand what we do and what we were trying to achieve with our new look. As a result we now have an identity and website that truly reflect our organisational values.

Abby Corfan – Marketing Manager

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