A ton of bricks

28 January 2008

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Following the 50th birthday of many designers’ favourite typeface (the delightful Helvetica) last year, this year’s half century congratulations go to another simple yet beautiful creation – the modern Lego brick.

I was quite a fan of these colourful little boxes as a child and I’m certain they’re good for little ‘uns. Dexterity and creative thinking are pretty valuable skills that are surely being practiced in a subliminal kind of way when playing with Lego. In fact the name Lego comes from the Danish words ‘leg godt’, meaning ‘play well’.

It may be a designer thing – less is more and all that – but the design of the Lego brick really is just genius. It’s so simple and so perfect. Just think, because the same design has been used all this time, Lego produced today still fits bricks made back in 1958. For some reason I find that quite astounding and worth a mention.

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