3 April 2009

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Art Speaking is a series of talks about 12 different artworks, housed in 4 different galleries across the West Midlands. The programme has been created to improve access to art for visually impaired people. We designed the Art Speaking leaflet, which will be available in all the participating venues: Wolverhampton Art Gallery; The New Art Gallery Walsall; Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry and Leamington Art Gallery & Museum.

Feedback on the Art Speaking design from Art Sense (who run training, consultations and workshops with galleries to improve access to art for visually impaired people) has been extremely positive, as was the response from the people using the leaflet – one organisation were so impressed with the design that they've been in touch with Audiences Central to discuss making their centre more accessible for those with visual impairment.

We're extremely pleased that our work's had an even wider impact than we'd hoped for.

A job well done!

You can download the leaflet or find out more online via the Art Speaking website:

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