Accessibility in mind

9 September 2007

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I spent two days this week at MediaContent Lab taking part in a Web Accessibility course they’re running. I was initially very apprehensive about the exact nature of the sessions and had no idea at what level it was going to be pitched, but I must say it couldn’t have been more useful.

It’s quite refreshing to know that the sites we build aren’t as bad I feared they might be and that technically we’re doing a lot of things to make accessible websites. However it’s given me a completely new point of view as to how sites should be created with accessibility in mind from the ground up. Before I thought accessibility was all about alt tags, ugly colours and oversized buttons, now I’m starting to think it might mean better sites for everybody.

Much of it is about breaking some of the thought processes taken from print design and looking at web content more fluidly. It’s certainly put accessibility right at the front of our minds for sites we build in the future and I feel a lot more confident that we’re giving people a solid result.

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