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23 October 2012

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We've designed identities and websites for a number of C&T projects, including their main company website way, way back in 2008. (An age ago in techy terms!)

In 2012 C&T decided it was time for a completely new site, to reflect advances in both technology and in the company (with their growing portfolio of overseas networks).

It was very important for the latest incarnation of the website to be responsive as much of the company’s work uses mobile phone and tablets, so their own site really needs to work – and work well – on these devices.

The ‘Network’ section now better shows-off C&T's innovative work with partners from middle England to Melbourne, New York to Nairobi. From the map you can get a taster of projects happening in various locations around the globe, and click through to find out more.

We’ve made sure the design remains clear, simple and easy to navigate, as well as being informative and engaging as it’s used to a growing extent as a sales tool to help further grow the C&T network.

C&T website

The team at Supercool are not only great at listening – a crucial ingredient in any successful web collaboration – but they also stretch our thinking.

Dr Paul Sutton – Artistic Director

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