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11 January 2022

Some of the most popular/widely-shared content on our website during the past 12 months – perhaps an indication of what's to come in 2022? 🔮

(This post started life as Supercool's December 2021 newsletter. It proved so popular I thought it'd be useful to share on the website too. I won't make a habit of this so join our Mailing List for more of the good stuff.)

You're most interested in:


Minding our language – a sensible, sensitive approach to the words we use
Attracting 'diverse' talent
– how we help folks feel that they belong
Working with me
– shared docs are helping us work better as a remote team


How to write good alt text– this one's even been translated into Japanese 🇯🇵
How to Chromevox
– the Chrome extension that acts as a screenreader
Supercool Sessions #4
– with guest speaker Molly Watt


How to write great web copy – write for humans and for search engines
How to create engaging, effective calls to action
– get folks to 'do' something
How to create great online images
– practical advice in this handy mini-series


How to create a sustainable website – practical advice in this handy mini-series
Supercool Sessions #5
– reduce your website's carbon footprint
How to make a Sustainability Pledge
– your journey to sustainability starts here!

And here's a little extra: Taking action on climate change: on stage, off stage, and online – a recording of our talk with Unicorn Theatre at the AMA Conference 2021. (Big love to the AMA team for allowing us to share this 🤗)

Let me know if there's something in particular you'd like us to write about, talk about, or share this year – I'd love to hear from you.

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