Behind the scenes

11 April 2011

This is an old post, so may include broken links and/or out-of-date information

Birmingham Hippodrome approached Supercool to create a new design style for their corporate-facing work.

The theatre has, for over 100 years, been independent; receiving no public subsidy and relying on ticket sales, donations and in-kind support for its income.

The new look had to reflect the nature of their output (not solely programming but education, accessibility, partnership working …) and also be appropriate for an audience of corporate stakeholders and key influencers.

Initially inspired by ye olde theatrical posters, the mix of contrasting but complementary typefaces works to create a businessy look and feel, but one which aligns well with the theatre's primarily public-facing work.

The addition of illustrated statistics adds a lighter tone to the hard facts, as well as helping to quickly reinforce these behind-the-scenes successes.

Distinct from public-facing show programmes, posters and other collateral, the identity is a happy balance of corporate and creative – and has just been rolled out across the 2011 Prospectus.

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