Bright SPark

12 May 2008

This is an old post, so may include broken links and/or out-of-date information

Recently we've been working on loads of promotional collateral for the soon-to-be-built Bristol & Bath Science Park.

A collaboration between Quantum Property Partnership, SWRDA, University of Bristol, UWE and University of Bath; SPark is the Bristol & Bath Science Park.

We were tasked with developing SPark's brand identity from an existing 'techy' look which was seen as quite dark and not especially welcoming. We decided that rather than concentrate on technologies, we should focus on the people behind the science.

As such, we devised an image style that's people-centric and shows that Spark is a collaborative place with pep, verve and dynamism.

Along with the people-shots and CGIs of the buildings, we built up subtle background layers consisting of scientific scribbles and notes, reinforcing SPark's place as a centre of knowledge; somewhere that's brimming with innovation.

The refreshed suite of colours helping to demonstrate SPark's top-notch eco-friendly credentials tops-off an identity which conveys a bright, modern, world-class science park … a place where big ideas happen.

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