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12 May 2008

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Nothing to do with weather, everything to do with pets. Literally. Our latest logo is for Pet Depot, a soon-to-be-launched online pet supply store where you'll be able to 'pamper your pet for less'.

An online retailer of pet products and accessories, Pet Depot focus on great customer service and quality goods at affordable prices.

They required a logo and strapline to help convey the essence of the company. Our first thought? People love their pets! They're often seen as part of the family and tend to be treated as such, so we need to reassure people that buying products at the best prices doesn't mean they're not caring enough for Fido or Fluffy; on the contrary – it means they can spoil them with even more treats!

Before creating any visuals, we came up with the line 'Pamper your pet ... for less'. Simple, distinctive and memorable, it clearly states that this is the place to buy low-cost products but doesn't fall into the trap of sounding cheap or inferior.

Logo-wise, Pet Depot wanted something fun and with instant impact. The simple but characterful illustrative style gives us plenty of flexibility to add extra creatures as and when they're needed.

The uncomplicated yet distinctive look of the logo will also help to guide the brand style as it's rolled out across the website, stationery and packaging.

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