CBSO's festive double

6 December 2016

This year the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra decided to take a new approach to promoting their Christmas concerts – simultaneously running campaigns with two different looks and taglines, as part of a special 'Festive Season'.

All the best snow tunes
Fun, bright and contemporary, this look partners a cool Northern Lights colour palette with crisp and even* white graphics. The tagline is purposely informal, and clearly festive – promising (potentially new) audiences something a bit different.

Your Christmas playlist – live!
With its decorated Christmas tree close-up and red/green colour scheme, this look is decidedly – and quite unashamedly – traditional-looking. It’s all about conveying that feeling of being wrapped-up and comforted by Christmas music … in this case being played live by a world-class orchestra, in one of the world’s finest concert halls. That's pretty special.

Although quite distinct in messaging and campaign design, both routes are clearly linked and part of the CBSO brand. You can get into the festive spirit by checking out the CBSO's Festive Season of concerts:


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