Character traits and information overload

12 May 2010

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The other week I wrote a post (Designing the ABC) mentioning we were taking part in collaborative project, Not My Type. Well, the project's completed and, for your delectation, here are the Supercool creations:

Overload by Sarah Wilbois

The ampersand was created using magazine cuttings of the word 'and', meticulously chopped, glued and placed to create the ampersand shape, which is bursting at the seams and falling over backwards with the umpteen 'and's contained within it. Information overload!

S is a character by Katie Parry

The letterform is made up of adjectives beginning with S and each word's set in a different font; a font which helps to represent the word in some way – either its meaning ('squidgy' uses a chubby, rounded font) or something else about that word's character ('Swedish' is set in Verdana; used by IKEA).

Within the S there are: one logo; one (purposely) misspelt word; one word which is also the typeface's name and a couple of coded S-words, set in Wingdings and Monotype Sorts. Spot/decipher 'em if you can!

All of the Not My Type characters – including a very jolly J by Jon Burgerman – are all on show and for sale (in limited numbers) at the Created in Birmingham shop, but only until Sunday 23rd May, when the shop closes – so get there pronto!

(Finally: I vow not to post any more alphabet-related things for, well, at least a week or so …)

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