1 August 2013

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Craft is a new CMS that we have been using here at Supercool on a number of our smaller sites for a little while now.

Built by prominent member of the ExpressionEngine community (Pixel & Tonic), it focusses on being easy to use, flexible and (importantly) beautiful. For me as a developer it makes life that little bit easier when building a small site as it is faster and simpler to set up; however it's the control panel I'd like to focus on right now.

One of the things we like about Craft is the Live Preview option. This lets you preview your post as you write it, right beside the publish form; meaning you can do things like check how an image works within a block of text before you publish it.

Another aspect of Craft that is becoming more and more useful is that it all works seamlessly on mobile phones and tablets. It is fully responsive and doesn't assume anything about the device you might be using to edit or create content with, making writing that blog post on your phone during the train to work much more enjoyable!

Mock-up showing how the editing interface looks on mobile

Finally Craft keeps it simple – you only see what you need to see to do your work. No more clutter and a clean, intuitive interface throughout that doesn't get in your way.

Screengrab of a minimal interface

So, Craft is ideal for smaller websites and microsites right now – but as it grows and additional functionality becomes available, expect to see us using this slick new CMS on larger projects.

  • Josh Angell

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