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13 August 2012

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Droplet is a mobile money app that lets you load cash onto your phone and send payments to anyone, for free.

When the folks at Droplet approached us for help with their brand identity, the product wasn't yet finished; but plans were ambitious even at that stage.

A mobile money app that lets you load cash onto your phone and send payments to anyone else with the app – for free – Droplet essentially bypasses the need for a bank account (and its associated costs).

Giving people a fee-free way to pass virtual cash around could, according to the Droplet team, actually change the way the world uses money …

Pre-launch, although there were several other 'mobile money' products on the market, they all involved plugging-in physical 'things' to a mobile. Droplet is different as it's completely app-based (surely the way of the future) so they had to look like the market-leader right from the off. What they needed was an instantly recognisable, distinctive, unfussy and clever icon for use within the app itself, as well as can't-miss-it signage for participating merchants.

The resulting icon is, as it should be, incredibly simple. Combining a droplet shape and a lowercase 'd' – it's completely and utterly 'Droplet'.

It works perfectly online and within the app, as well as being a strong, clear mark on the side of merchants' tills in-store.

With such a successful initial project, Droplet came back to us when they needed a new look for their, initially fairly corporate, website ready for the app launching in London. Turnaround time? Within a fortnight.

It's definitely a shorter timeframe than we usually work to, but it's amazing what can be accomplished when you set your mind to it; we designed and built Droplet's new (responsive) website in just a couple of weeks.

The new website has incredibly clear channelling of users – whether you're a customer, a merchant or a developer wanting to build an app using Droplet – and a light, easy, personable sort of tone; all perfectly set-off by the Droplet-commissioned animated videos by Nico Jones, with illustrations by Claire Hartley.

A simple website, for a simple (to use) app, with an ambitious yet simple purpose – to change the way the world uses money.

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