Expanding the Supercool team

4 May 2021

Having advertised two jobs earlier this year, we met some ace people and ended up taking-on four new team members.

We ran the entire recruitment process in-house, which was time-consuming, tiring, probably a little risky – and totally worth it. Kate's piece on LinkedIn talks about how useful it was talking directly to as many people as possible – giving them an opportunity to be themselves, and expand on their CVs and Cover Letters. And I've explained how we encouraged nearly 200 folks to want to join our small but mighty team in the blog post, Attracting diverse talent.

As part of becoming more inclusive, I've learned that people find it hugely useful to understand how others got into their chosen field of work – because it can often be via quite an unexpected route. So, in our team profiles we've started including more detail about the twists and turns our career paths've taken to get us where we are now. (Spoiler: you don't need a Computer Science degree to work in tech 🤷‍♀️)

Nat – Developer

"Some of my fondest childhood memories involve the family days out my Mum planned, visiting galleries, museums, and theatres … I have pivoted from my previous career in the fashion industry and joined Supercool as a Trainee Developer … and am especially interested in website accessibility and sustainability."

More from Nat, who lives in London

Euan – Developer

"I left high school with no career goals to speak of, and ended up going to Uni to study History & Classics … I worked for a few tech start-ups, where I took on a variety of roles. I opted to enrol in a 16-week Software Development course in my mid 20s. This was probably the best decision I ever made."

More from Euan, who lives in Edinburgh

Ceri – Client Services

"I’m an internationally exhibited photographer and a (somewhat rusty) musician, as well as a wife and mum … Even at a young age I was passionate about working in the Arts. After completing a music degree specialising in arts administration, I found myself at the Royal College of Music implementing their first computerised Box Office."

More from Ceri, who lives in Hampshire

Miriam – Client Services

"Before joining Supercool I was the Marketing & Communications Manager for a 750-seater receiving venue … I’m a bit of a data nerd, but I also have a massive love for good design and clear messaging. I first got into the arts through volunteering to work in the bar of my local non-profit Arts Centre."

More from Miriam, who's just moved to Mid Wales

Meet the rest of the team over on the About page.

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