Going, going, go-ing live!

5 February 2008

This is an old post, so may include broken links and/or out-of-date information

After several months of it being on the verge of readiness, the new site finally went live yesterday. So far all seems to be working well - just a few tweaks and additions needed I think, including the enabling of comments for this section (a frightening prospect - I don’t want swearing or spam but nor do I relish the prospect of no comments at all, Billy-no-mates style ... we’ll see I suppose).

So, why did we change the website anyway? It was quite nice as it was ...

Well in short, we wanted an easier-to-update, easier-to-read news section, a bigger and better showcase for our portfolio, plus a section in which to waffle a bit about things we’ve seen and done that aren’t necessarily part of our regular work. (Hence this blog-type bit you’re now thoroughly engrossed in ... ahem.)

I’m especially pleased with the new work section. It’s a major improvement on what we had before - we can now add new projects so easily and there’s loads more space to explain about each one, what we did and our thinking behind it, which I think’s really important.

Anyway, feedback on the site has been pretty positive so far - phew! If you’ve got any thoughts, constructive criticism is always welcome ... as is applause, back-patting and general praise, so don’t be shy. You can use the form on the contact page to let us know what you think, or send an email to - whichever takes your fancy.

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