Likemind - what's the point?

8 April 2010

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Since we started Brum Likemind several years ago, it’s got way bigger than we ever thought it would.

The other day I asked myself “What do folks get out of it?” that keeps it so popular, and came up with this (certainly not exhaustive) list:

Meeting new people
Getting face-to-face with folks you’ve previously only met online
Drinking great coffee
Meeting the JQ neighbours
Catching up with friends/business contacts
Discussing and testing new ideas
Munching breakfast pastries
Having a break from the office
Finding out what’s going on locally
Finding a new place to live (Yep, we matched a landlady and tenant!)

Essentially, it’s just a pleasant, relaxing – and sometimes even useful – thing to do. Likemind really is a fine start to a Friday. If you’ve got something positive out of Likemind, tweet us – @supercooldesign or @likemind – or add your story to the comments.

The next coffee morning: Friday 16th April, from 8am at Saint Caffe, St Paul's Square, Birmingham. Hope to see you there!


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