11 March 2010

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Having been unsure what to expect from an animation 'made entirely from corporate logos', I'm glad I forked out the princely sum of … errr, just £1.49 actually (through iTunes) to buy Logorama.

Its award for Best Animated Short Film at the Oscars earlier this week seems well-deserved as it's thoughtful, extremely well-executed and full of clever references and uses of logos. And I'd certainly not anticipated the use of various corporate mascots – all of which have been characterised in ways that might not be entirely expected; the Green Giant is particularly revealing in this regard!

As the end credits rolled, I was surprised to discover that the team behind the film are French, as the voices are all American (including that of David Fincher as Pringles Original) and many of the logos I didn't recognise look like they belong to US corporations.

I've done some very shallow digging and can't find an awful lot about the directors' previous work – though I'm sure they'll be much more high-profile following their win.

Logorama is bold, colourful (in language as well as actual colour – you have been warned), sassy and fun but with a serious underlying message. As such, it's well worth spending 16 minutes of your time on.

If you do watch it, make sure to keep an eye out for one of my favourite moments: the very timely appearance of a Weight Watchers logo …

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