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22 July 2011

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Our first task from new client DanceXchange was to create an identity for Breathe the Beat, an interactive video tutorial project they're launching tomorrow (23 July) at the Cultural Olympiad Open Weekend in Birmingham city centre.

Breathe the Beat's online video tutorials and live roadshows combine to get people involved and get them dancing.

Hip-hop style, trainers (as in the footwear) and Breathe the Beat's driving force – Salah – are the inspiration behind the visual identity of the brand.

The logo's blocky, closely kerned, italic typeface mirrors marked, confident and striking dance moves; although static, it hints at dynamism.

Stark studio photography showcases some of Salah's contortions, and is in strong contrast to the surrounding brand colours.

This highly distinctive palette is bold and punchy, yet is used in a sophisticated, almost understated, way. On a burgundy background, the three highlight colours sit within a 'tricolor' stripe; a nod to both hip-hop footwear/clothing design and Salah's (French) nationality.

We produced various Breathe the Beat promotional collateral, including a brand style guide, printed materials for roadshows and an e-flyer template which the team (who're pretty pleased with our work judging by this tweet) update and distribute every time a new video tutorial's released.

Pretty fly … foshizzle!

I've never worked with designers who so eagerly immerse themselves in a brief. Their attention to detail, and desire to go the extra mile on projects is incredibly refreshing.

Mike Hyde – Marketing Officer, DanceXchange

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