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23 April 2020
Animated gif shows that the widget can be altered for £ or $, and the button colour and font can be changed

We've just launched the Supercool Spektrix Donations Widget.

This smart tool will enable all you Spektrix customers out there to put a donation ask on any page of your website – within minutes, and without help from your web developer/agency* 🤓

*Provided your website allows you to add embed code.

The widget allows greater flexibility on where an ask can be placed on our website, outwith using a standard iframe, and it’s simple to do!

Khaliq Ahmed – Box Office and Front of House Manager, Tron Theatre

Big thanks to Tron Theatre for blazing the trail by being first to add the widget to their website 🤗

COVID-19 freebie!

While stages are dark and tours put on ice, we know it's more important than ever that loyal fans are able to quickly and easily support your organisation.

So, this widget is free – no hidden fees, obligations, selling of your soul etc.

We reckon it'll be most useful to small teams, and/or those with limited website functionality or development budget.

Coming next …

Over the coming weeks we'll be developing the donations widget with a view to adding more options. (We're looking at building a version with a donation 'slider'.)

And we're also working on widgets for quick-embedding Gift Vouchers and Merchandise 🧡❤️💚

Get the widget

As we're using Spektrix’s nifty web component technology, it's only available to Spektrix customers. You’ll just need to give us a bit of information so we can hook-up to the right fund in Spektrix, and add some basic styling to match your website.

Once we have this info, we’ll generate a snippet of code, which you can embed anywhere on your site – the same way you might add a YouTube video.

Fill-in your info, and get your very own widget:
FREE Supercool Spektrix Donations Widget – Request Form

If you have questions or want to know more before requesting your widget, email and we'll get back to you asap.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has donated to our Hull Truck Theatre Future Fund in this time of uncertainty. Thanks to Supercool and Spektrix, we have installed a new donation widget which will make the process even easier for those wishing to show their support. It was easy to install, looks great and will contribute to our future – thank you Supercool!

Ruth Cooke – Director of Communications, Hull Truck Theatre

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