Rebuilding the National Theatre of Scotland website

25 May 2020

We recently launched a new Spektrix-integrated website for the National Theatre of Scotland.

The website is made using Craft CMS and, although visual design remains largely unchanged from the previous website, we carried out a number of design tweaks.

Changes include the ability to display larger images and video to boost their impact, space for different kinds of content on production pages, and clearer Access listings.

This move to Craft CMS from Wordpress makes the website easier for the National Theatre of Scotland team to use, day-to-day.

And it gives them way more flexibility. This extends all the way from making minor adjustments to page layouts, to being able to alter the website's structure and navigation.

Screenshot of three Scenes for Survival events, including plays with Brian Cox and Janey Godley

The flexibility of the new website has come in handy right away; enabling the team to start showcasing their brand new Scenes for Survival season – digital short artworks, delivered in association with BBC Scotland, and BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine project.

This is my second project with Supercool, and it happened again: rather than a supplier/client relationship it feels like a collaboration with a team that cares as much as we do about the end result. And the result is an elegant, clear and flexible website.

Charlotte Gross – Director of Audience and Media, National Theatre of Scotland

🌲 Along with our usual tree-planting to commemorate this project, we've made a donation to a Glasgow foodbank 🧡

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