Supercool is 18

19 January 2022

I’ve been thinking about the early days of Supercool – creating flyers for Birmingham Artists, business cards for art school mates, and brochures for Audiences Central. It seems such a long time ago now. Because it was! Today, Supercool turns 18 years old 🎉

We’ve changed and grown so much, in many ways.

We now have a digital focus, a huge amount of knowledge and experience as part of an awesome portfolio of work, and we're a team of 12 – dotted all over the UK.

But there’s a lot we’ve carried with us from those early days too. (Not least our name.)

"Well, a silly name could work"

Clive College – James's uni tutor, on calling the company 'Supercool'

Inclusivity, accessibility, design for good, and 'art for everyone' have always been – and always will be – right at the heart of what we do. It’s part of what makes Supercool and folks in the arts and cultural sectors such a great team.

Naff-but-true – we remain super-inspired by our clients. Especially now. The sector is still facing so many challenges and unknowns. Yet the folks we work with every day are resilient, inventive, and utterly dedicated. Excellent humans. We’ll continue to look for nifty ways to provide help and support. The more ways we can find to make life easier for them – for you – the better.

Speaking of great teams, the Supercool team has grown more than 70% since our last birthday. Woah!

Kudos to the brilliant Supercoolers for being so ace and smart and funny and curious 🧡 That the team works so well together is extra-impressive as the majority of us haven’t met in-person. Yet! We’re hoping to change that this year, with a meet-up in the spring 🙌

Teary Oscar acceptance speech bit: Super-massive thanks to the Supercool team, and to everyone who's worked with us, believed in us, supported us, and stuck with us over the past 18 years 🤗

Here's to the next 18!

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