Supercool's Seven … Deadly Sins of Design

28 January 2011

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To commemorate our seventh anniversary, we've compiled a cheeky little list of seven design no-nos, to help keep us focused on continuing to produce intelligent, well-considered and effective design over the next seven years …

1. Vertical type
Q. How hard to read and awkward-looking are these messages? A: Very. So do not do.

2. Clipart
It's pretty hard – nigh-on impossible in fact – to make clipart look good. Perhaps sometimes nothing is better than something.

3. Overdesign
There is a point where the design just needs to stop; this giant Swiss army knife may've drifted quite a way past that point …

4. Comic Sans
Use of this font anywhere other than for Microsoft's talking dog should be very seriously thought through. Very seriously.

5. TMI
Too much information i.e. content crammed into one space makes it difficult for people to take things in, so designers should always encourage clients to KISS; it's the best way.

6. Rainbow of colours
What to do when you're struggling to put together an appropriate colour scheme? Use every colour under the sun, of course! (Really, don't.)

7. Double spaces
There's no need to leave double spaces between sentences. You're probably not using a typewriter or monospaced typeface, so one space between sentences in a paragraph is perfectly adequate.

It's not an exhaustive list but, hey, we only needed seven! Here endeth our short guide to design absolution and here's to another heavenly seven years of Supercool design.

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