Tinkle those ivories

21 February 2008

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“As part of the Urban Fusion Programme, 30 pianos will mysteriously appear overnight in streets, parks and public spaces across Birmingham. Each piano will have a small plaque attached stating Play Me I’m Yours.”

Luke Jerram’s Street Pianos is going to take place from 10th to the 23rd of March and, according to the BBC website, they’re after some old joannas to use for the project.

It’s being organised by Fierce! and anybody with a piano in a playable condition that they’d like to get rid of for free should contact Fierce! (by Friday 29 February). Also, if you fancy suggesting a location for one of the pianos you can do, by calling the Fierce! office on 0121 244 8080.

The project’s website isn’t live as yet, but once it is you’ll be able to post your Street Piano stories, films and photos on it.

Sounds fun. Must brush up my skills ...

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