My pronouns are he/him

I started in web development over 20 years ago. Back in those old-school days it was all new and it felt like we were inventing things as we went along. When I accepted my first real web job, making websites for MTV, my family didn't hide their suspicions. "Websites? There's no future in that!" my father warned. I'm still waiting to see if he was right.

Until then I was sure I wanted to be a teacher. I even earned a Masters degree in Education, with a specialism in Museum Education. (My thesis paper focused on how the Web could be a tool to expand the social and educational experience of museums. In 1998 this was not a generally accepted idea, but that's exactly what felt so exciting about it!)

I spent the next 20 years working on sites for some of the biggest media companies on the web, most recently for the BBC.

I love the technology stacks these companies employ, but my calling is still bringing people together. I'm thrilled to be at Supercool. In many ways I have come home to the purpose that they've always lived by – using the web to connect people through arts and cultural organisations.

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