My pronouns are she/her

Growing up in London, I have been lucky to be surrounded by an amazing range of arts and cultural venues. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve the family days out my Mum planned, visiting galleries, museums, and theatres. It’s something that has always been part of my life.

Working at Supercool is a perfect mix of all the things I have an interest in – a product that I am passionate about, using creativity and problem-solving, learning new things, plus a creative and cool vibe.

My coding journey started when I was looking for a new hobby. But during a coding bootcamp I was quickly fascinated by how code translates into an interactive experience for the user, and allows me to flex my problem-solving skills and channel my creativity.

So, I have pivoted from my previous career in the fashion industry and joined Supercool as a Trainee Developer. I’m looking forward to everything that I will learn along the way, and am especially interested in website accessibility and sustainability.

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