Designer / Developer

My pronouns are he/him

I’m a Web design engineer who has been designing and building for the Web pretty much since I learnt it existed. Throughout my career I have generally split my time between design and frontend development. As well as fulfilling both of these roles, the time spent at the intersection of the two makes me well placed to bridge the gap between disciplines.

I discovered the Web at Art School in the late 90s, and not long after learned that I could publish to it myself. This was a formative and empowering moment, and a huge part of why I love the Web to this day. Not only does the Web offer a platform to those who might not otherwise be given one, the openness and relative simplicity of its underlying technologies opened the door for me to a career I would never have dreamed of.

Many years on I remain passionate about building a fun, useful, and inclusive Web for all, whether that be designing and building accessible user experiences, or helping to make the code that runs it approachable for the Web builders of the future.

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