At Supercool we combine design, technology and data to make life easier for arts and cultural organisations – and their audiences.

Our in-house experience and know-how includes: digital brand development; user-centred, inclusive design; responsive web development; technical integration; ticketing and fundraising; data analysis; and strategic consultancy.

Websites and digital applications


  • Design

    The design process starts with research, content planning, and wireframing of core user journeys.

    A design agency at heart, we translate brands into clear, intuitive user interfaces and elegant interaction. Early prototyping and iterative testing helps us to refine and hone the user experience.

    With a focus on inclusive design, we create digital solutions that are more than just a transaction, and easy-to-use for everyone – whether you’re buying a ticket, signing-up to a mailing list, or part of the team adding content to a website.

  • Development

    We write maintainable, standards-based code – utilising open-source frameworks, and test-driven development techniques.

    Craft, our content management system of choice, is easy-to-use and intuitive. Our agile, iterative approach to development reduces risk, and keeps our workflow efficient and transparent.

    Commitment to best practice ensures that what we build is accessible, scalable, mobile responsive, secure, SEO-friendly, fast, and reliable.

  • Integrations

    Via API or other means, we have vast experience integrating websites with other systems – from ticketing to payment services, EPOS to email.

    But we’re best known for our work integrating with ticketing, fundraising and CRM systems – including Audience View, Spektrix and Tessitura.

    We’re always looking for smart ways to make websites work harder. For example, MAC’s website also powers their digital venue screens – efficiently giving visitors the most to-to-date listings, notifications and promotions. And THSH save about half a day a week, thanks to nifty website/email integration.

  • Strategic Consultancy

    We know that in-house teams don’t always have the capacity to make the most of – or keep up with – opportunities offered by digital technology.

    Supercool provide consultancy and support at various levels; whether you need help measuring the success of a digital fundraising campaign, or working towards strategic organisational goals.

    Our friendly, proactive advice and practical day-to-day support covers things like writing for the web, Google Analytics, accessibility best practice, and the ins-and-outs of ticketing systems.



  • Identity

    Whether we’re refining an existing look or creating something new, we design brand identities to be authentic, recognisable, and appealing.

    An identity needs to communicate both functional information and personality. So, distinction and detail are important – from logo, typography and tone of voice, to brochure templates, digital campaigns and website copywriting.

    We ensure identities are flexible across different applications, easy to implement and distinctive – thoughtful, considered design that stands the test of time.

  • Consultancy

    Alongside creative, pragmatic guidance on visual identity and tone of voice, we help organisations define their personality.

    Rational to the last, we don’t spend ages creating tome-like ‘brand bibles’ – time-consuming to produce, and awkward to use (so left gathering dust). Instead, our focus is on delivering practical, user-friendly resources that work for day-to-day use.

    Our end goal? Helping organisations to communicate efficiently, clearly and consistently, while allowing space for creativity, playfulness – and fun!

Supercool's ability to listen to – and then interpret – our needs makes for a stress-free and highly-valued working relationship.

Lindsey Cook – Midlands Arts Centre