We've worked in the arts and culture sector for over 15 years; some of us spending the majority of our pre-Supercool careers working for venues or touring companies.

Now, the sector is facing some of its biggest-ever challenges. Even with the most thorough emergency planning and risk strategies in place, none of us have experience of how best to deal with a global pandemic. And none of us know what the sector will look like over the next few months – let alone the next few years. But, as a sector, everyone's pretty great at supporting each other, right?

So, we wanted to find out how you – the people who work for and with beloved venues, touring companies, museums, galleries, festivals – are navigating this crisis.

We're hoping you'll find some useful new ideas, some reassuringly similar experiences, and some things that spark joy in this series of guest posts.

🧡 Want to share your stories, ideas, or predictions?

Thanks to our friends who've shared their experiences of lockdown:

Other interesting / thought-provoking / useful things:

Sam is Communications and Giving Director at Theatr Clwyd. His personal/professional blog posts are always thoughtful, interesting and full of loads of practical takeaways – and excellent (terrible 🤭) puns.

A great resource with lots of fresh ideas, the recent series of posts from Annabel Turpin (CEO at Arc Stockton) cover everything from working with artists and the community, to tackling the crisis.

A whole bunch of free resources are on offer from the Arts Marketing Association 💖

Work for or with an arts or cultural organisation? We'd love to hear from you

Whether a piece of writing, video diary, or audio snippet – share your experience of dealing with the crisis.

  • How are you and your team handling the current situation?
  • What's been your biggest challenge?
  • Are any of your team learning something new during furlough?
  • How are you planning for the future?
  • What are you hopeful about?
  • What will the sector look like this time next year?

🧡 Share your stories, ideas, or predictions – email Katie Parry: katie@supercooldesign.co.uk