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7 June 2011

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I always thought design could be a bit selfish sometimes by not filling in the gap between audience and our practice, or at least by not making an extra effort to. This had only one logical outcome: it favoured those who were part of our area and no one else.

If there is something I have learned at Supercool it is that you can create brilliant design work and still get the audience involved. This has shown me how design can be an excellent and creative way to reach the masses by awakening their critical spirit – which should be, anyway, the whole premise of our work.

For these reasons it has restored my faith in design as a social vehicle and for that I am very happy to have been part of the team – even if it was just for a few weeks – so … well done Supercool!


Rui Ribeiro was a Superintern in Spring 2011

  • Rui do Rosário Ribeiro

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