Page deleted – for the planet

You may have been expecting to find some of our older content here. But that page doesn't exist anymore.

We've deleted it – along with lots of other pages – because every page of every website has a carbon footprint. The most popular pages on this website produce around 0.3g of CO2e per page view. Which isn't bad as the average web page produces more like 0.5g per page view 😇

But we can always do more. And 'page views' aren't the only way a website impacts the environment. Energy is also used to host the server, store files and data, and power any bot traffic to the site – such as search engine crawlers.

So, by deleting unnecessary content from our website, we're hoping to further reduce its negative environmental impact. Yay!

Resources to help you reduce your digital carbon footprint:
Supercool + Sustainability 🌳🤗

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