A breath of fresh air

9 November 2011

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Virgin Balloon Flights is the largest and most well-known hot air ballooning company in the UK – but they just didn't have the website to match their know-how.

When they approached Supercool about a redesign, their existing site featured clunky ordering and booking processes, and an out-dated user-interface.

We completely redesigned the interface, restructured the user-journey and wire-framed all main sections and landing pages; ready for Virgin's in-house developer to integrate into the live site.

Key considerations covered increasing conversion rates for orders, and increasing use of the site’s online help within the booking system, with softer challenges including clear communication of the Virgin brand and its distinct relationship with ballooning, and conveying the overall experience of a Virgin balloon flight.

The new design aptly communicates the company's experience and expertise in the sector; giving the brand a gentle little lift.

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