Creative Director / Copywriter

My pronouns are she/her

When I was 11 my Design & Tech teacher informed me that making posters was an actual job. From that moment on, I pursued a career as a designer.

After various artsy qualifications – including a design degree – I got my first role as junior designer at a small Birmingham agency. After 4 years there I left to try freelancing, then did a stint at one of the world’s biggest ad agencies.

In 2006, I joined Supercool – doubling the team at the time.

From branding and brochures to websites, I've designed a lot of Supercool's work over the years.

As Creative Director, I oversee the design-side of client projects, and lead on Supercool's marketing and company culture. It’s so important that we live-up to our values, and remain a great place to work.

Also Supercool’s resident copywriter, I have a thing for words. Frequently-used favourites include – simple, clear, elegant, efficient, practical, ace, and cheers! Oh, and I’m guilty of gluing ‘super-‘ to the start of far too many adjectives. It's not even a brand thing 🤷🏻‍♀️

I write and edit all sorts; from our proposals and tweets to client straplines and web copy.

A stickler for detail – whether design or writing – I’m a big believer in the KISS principle. I enjoy immersing myself in research for a new project, and whittling an unwieldy mass of confusing information into a considered, well-crafted, and clear solution.

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