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I’ve known I was a designer since the age of 11 when a teacher told me that making posters was a 'real job'. After university, my first role was junior designer at a small agency, followed by some freelancing, and a stint at one of the world’s biggest ad agencies.

In 2006, I joined Supercool – doubling the team at the time. As design-lead on all projects, I help arts and cultural organisations communicate clearly, effectively and distinctively through design. I’m a stickler for design detail, and a big believer in the KISS principle.

Supercool’s resident copywriter, I have a bit of a thing for words. Some frequently-used favourites are: simple; clear; elegant; efficient; practical; hierarchy; ace; cheers. I’m also guilty of gluing super- to the start of far too many adjectives.

I love the entire design process – from getting immersed in research and discovery, to whittling an unwieldy mass of information into a considered, well-crafted design solution.

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