Creative Compass film at The Electric Cinema

27 February 2008

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If you happen to be self-employed, a student or have a kindly boss, you might want to pop along to The Electric Cinema on Tuesday 11th March at 2pm.

There’s a showing of Birmingham: The Creative City – a short film about some of the folk who took part in an EU-funded programme to grow and sustain Birmingham’s creative community by helping people into careers in various creative industries.

The film’s director, BAFTA-winner Natasha Carlish will be there, along with a few of the people who benefited from the programme. (I believe there will also be something in the way of food and drink, which for me is always a big draw.)

If you do fancy coming along, RSVP to {encode="" title="Jamie at Audiences Central"}.

You can find out more about the programme at

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