Easy-going, eco-friendly ... essential

21 March 2008

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From humble beginnings as a small e-bay store, Eddie's Essentials is growing up into a fully-fledged e-tailer of the weird, the wonderful ... and the eco-friendly.

Little things matter to this company – every product is hand-picked by the directors; customer opinion helps to inform how the business is run, and they're intent on using the least amount of (environmentally-friendly) packaging necessary for items to arrive in tip-top condition.

We've created a brand that helps to represent and showcase the company's eclectic product range, strong customer-focus and thoughtful, friendly ethos. The logo includes a distinctive 'e' icon, which also forms the basis of the brand character, Eddie (who's loosely based on one of the directors).

The addition of this character will help add some fun and personality to the site, without losing the trustworthiness and professionalism that are so crucial to the success of any online business.

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