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15 March 2012

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The lovingly redesigned and beautifully responsive is now live. We've been working with developers mySociety for the last month or so to improve the appearance of the site, bringing it in-line with (which we also designed) and making a feature of some marvellous maps.

Anyone building any serious web app in this country would be foolish not to talk to Supercool about how it looks and feels.

Tom Steinberg – Director, mysociety

A flagship project from mySociety – a charity who create democracy-empowering digital platforms – FixMyStreet allows members of the public to simply and quickly report pot-holes, graffiti and other problems to the correct person or department at their local council.

We worked with FixMyStreet's lead developer Matthew Somerville to give a facelift to what had become a tired and outdated design.

A neat, legible and workable logo was designed to sit well alongside 'sister site' FixMyTransport, and the overall look is clean, clear and instantly understandable to new visitors (fixers).

When it came to design, we had to consider the needs of both the site’s general end-users (needs such as a clean interface and smooth reporting process) and those of council-based users, who will often need to access the site through older web browsers. Given the nature of FixMyStreet, it required a responsive design that would work as well on mobile devices as it would on desktop.

The redesign had to cope with a number of priorities, from clear transactional user-goals, mobile and IE6 compatibility to performance and best-practice code.

One of FixMyStreet's key features is its use of big, bold, full-screen OpenLayers maps, which use a range of tiling services such as Ordnance Survey and Bing.

There's more detail about the redesign, and additional development the site's been treated to, over on mySociety's blog. (Includes some rather fetching screenshots.)

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