Supercool Shares #1

3 February 2015

This is an old post, so may include broken links and/or out-of-date information

We quite often happen upon nice/interesting things that we share around the office. For your amusement, and so we've got them all in one place, this is a compilation of links from the last month.

The New York Times' El Capitan model page.
via @luketonge

Design's contribution to the UK economy.

Identify the city from the transit signage.
The Guardian

Alice in Wonderland's 150th anniversary celebrated by Royal Mail.

BBC News is getting a new design.

Apostrophe-gate II – are 'Jacobs' crackers to have dropped their apostrophe? (In a BCC style.)
via Tommy

What do you get when you mix trendy colours, 3D printing and a chocolate head? The future of electronic music!
via @helloclusta

User Onboarding – how popular web apps handle the sign-up process; complete with amusing/cutting annotations by Samuel Hulick, a UX Designer from Portland.

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