Supercool Shares #3

9 April 2015

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Species in Pieces (needs to be viewed in Chrome for the full effect)
Some fancy-clever CSS animation magic created by designer Bryan James, Species in Pieces introduces 30 of our most endangered species, each illustrated by 30 'pieces' which animate between creatures. It's pretty, it's beautifully done, it's interesting. Great stuff.
via @neiltak

Species in Pieces


Waterstones have a blog post explaining the thinking/process behind Puffin Classics' new covers. Lovely use of a simple graphic device which immediately identifies the books as part of a set, without them losing their individual personalities.

Puffin Classics book covers


If The Simpsons were real people, their opening titles might look a little like this: Real Life Simpsons Intro


Tree Change Dolls
Keeping to the theme of re-imagining an already-existing thing, Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh has taken it upon herself to adapt discarded kids' dolls into something a little less 'grown-up' and a lot more realistic and playful. To say that they're a vast improvement would be an understatement.

Tree Change Dolls


For motorsport fans; there's a new F1 website. It's nice. Va-va-vroooom!
via @RyanDC

Formula 1


Monopoly escape kit
During WWII, escape equipment was smuggled to POWs in games of Monopoly. A feat of design cunning.

Front-end web developer Ramy Khuffash has put together a bunch of videos showing user flow patterns on various (mobile) websites. Very useful – thanks Ramy!


And finally; if I had to do something other than my usual job, I'd want to do what AnnieAtkins does …

Annie Atkins' work on The Grand Budapest Hotel graphic design

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