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26 August 2020
Desktop screenshot of Traverse Festival landing page. Collage of devices with central computer screen reading 'performance in progress'

As Scotland's new writing theatre, the Traverse exists to showcase and support playwrights. Unable to welcome audiences back into the building anytime soon – and no ticket sales in the meantime – team Trav decided to take action …

Introducing Traverse 3!

Traverse 3 is a new online venue – bringing new writing into people's homes. (And itself playing host to an all-new year-round Traverse Festival.)

Working closely with the team, we've carefully adapted existing website functionality to accommodate online-only events. And, although all events are online right now, digital events can happily sit alongside ‘live’ events in What’s On – when the time comes.

This blend of online and live events is an exciting prospect for the future.

Screengrab of 8 colourful event cards from the Traverse Theatre website

Our work

In creating Traverse 3, it was important that we adapt existing features and functionality. (Rather than building something from scratch.) Why? A few reasons:

  • It needs to be super-easy for the Trav team to create pages for digital events. The admin control panel feeling familiar and understandable helps this.
  • It means we can recreate ‘online venues’ for other clients. Obviously there’re details that’re totally Trav-specific. But the main concept and functionality will work for other clients too. This makes ongoing maintenance and upkeep efficient. That’s important. Once people get back inside theatres, it’s unlikely that online events will disappear. We're thinking long-term here 🤔
  • And finally – time. We didn't have much of it! Adapting what we've got meant we could work quickly.

Traverse Festival Pass

Traverse Theatre work hard to remain affordable to many. But they also need an income!

Working with the lovely Spektrix, team Trav decided to take donations for the Traverse Festival Pass (rather than selling tickets). This is great, as it's a brilliant way to show-off the attractive new donation blocks we built recently:

Screengrab of donations blocks showing varying amounts

And behind-the-scenes we’ve done even more nifty Spektrix stuff 🤓

Audiences pick from set donation amounts – based on what a ticket for one of their in-venue Festival shows would usually cost. But – crucially – they can pay more if they’re able to. Being asked for a donation as opposed to buying a ticket gently nudges people to do this.

Once you've donated, Spektrix send you a link to Festival content as part of the donation confirmation email. Simple.

Alternatively, those unable to donate can sign up to the Festival for free. Send Trav your name and email address – get a pass emailed to you; gratis 🙌

N.B. signing up for a Festival Pass does not add folks to Trav’s newsletter database. That there's a GDPR no-no!

An absolute team effort stretching functionality beyond what we ever could have imagined … Soph and the devs have literally made the impossible possible and we're so grateful!

Victoria Murray – Head of Brand and Audience, Traverse Theatre

Have a browse, donate what you can to support Trav and a whole load of playwrights – and enjoy new stories you've never seen or heard before: Traverse Festival

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