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13 October 2020

As long-standing fans of Craft CMS it's great to see it selected over Wordpress as the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) content management system of choice – in large part, due to Craft's accessibility 👍

Founded and led by Tim Berners-Lee, W3C is the international standards organisation for the world wide web. They're the ones who decide criteria for those Level A, AA, and AAA accessibility standards we're all striving for.

W3C logo

W3C + Craft

Of course W3C want a website that’s fast, makes the most of modern technology, is custom-designed, and responsive across devices – all of which Craft does beautifully. But the most important factor to them was accessibility. So they looked at ‘accessibility first’.

Their current system, Wordpress, has some fundamental accessibility flaws – particularly around the Gutenberg text editor – so they ruled it out for their website revamp.

W3C then "scoured the web for accessible CMSes" – and decided that Craft outshines other systems. They were especially impressed that (like Supercool 😉) Craft have an in-house accessibility expert.

"We scoured the web for accessible CMSes … Craft went the extra mile”

Coralie Mercier – Head of Marketing and Communications, W3C

Supercool + Craft

We’ve been using Craft for many years. It's the CMS powering all of our clients' websites – from National Theatre of Scotland to Bristol Old Vic, Eden Court to Theatr Clwyd, Bishopsgate Institute to Town Hall Symphony Hall Birmingham.

Why we love Craft
  • Built from the ground-up as a content management system – no bloat!
  • Highly performant in terms of speed and load
  • Security
  • System updates are well-planned
  • Active, helpful and growing developer community
  • Easy to design and develop with
  • Easy for clients to use

Often in client training I'll point-out an especially handy aspect of Craft, and get an “Oooooh!” in response.

Soph McCormack-Gow – Support Manager, Supercool
Why clients love Craft
  • Intuitive, user-friendly, responsive control panel
  • Live Preview of pages
  • Share unpublished pages for approval
  • Permissions assigned per user
  • Easy to add video, audio and social content
  • Bulk uploading of images
  • Version control
  • Easy to add new pages – or even entire sections

And we all love that Craft is so accessible. Not only the public-facing part of the website that’s visited by audiences, but the control panel used by client teams.

Commissioning a new website? Get in touch to find out more about Craft and how it can work – accessibly – both for you and your audiences.

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