Gwefan newydd ar gyfer Theatr Clwyd

11 March 2020

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Theatr Clwyd website homepage on desktop and mobile

We recently created a new, fully-bilingual and cleverly Spektrix-integrated website with the ace team at Theatr Clwyd.

During our on-site Discovery meetings and workshops, we discussed that – as well as selling tickets – a big part of this project is about conveying the joy and fun of theatre. We achieved this by:

  • Building on the theatre’s existing brand identity to create a bold, upbeat digital design style – making more of their angled ‘ribbon’ motif
  • Using a chirpy trio of bright, accessible colours – the primary colour can be updated every so often, to give the site an instant facelift
  • Giving production pages poster-like headers and bespoke colour palettes
  • Creating a cute, animated Buy Tickets button

We analysed the old website’s data to inform the categories to be included within the What’s On category filter.

The two-tier filter design is a neat way of giving users loads of options to find specific types of event or workshop, without the navigation becoming overwhelming.

Theatr Clwyd's 2-tier category filter shows top-level categories, with any sub-categories listed underneath
Two-tier categories = lots of filtering options, with a simple, easy to understand interface

We super-love working with Supercool. Getting to the point where our website feels clean, punchy, and offering accurate live info to audiences was a complex process – particularly with the level of integration we wanted. And they’ve made it all feel easy – due to their expertise, and being a damn good team.

Crayg Ward – Communications and Membership Co-ordinator, Theatr Clwyd

And of course, folks can search by date using the calendar, and for specific access needs in the Accessible Events listing.

On production pages, the Theatr Clwyd team can add any amount of content, and pages still look good. They can even add extra sections – for highlighting things like Auditions, and ‘Dress-Up’ events.

And we’ve built some pretty nifty Spektrix integration. By calling live ticket availability information from the API, users can filter lists of instances by ‘Best seats’ or ‘Best price’. (With an additional ‘filter by month’ for really long runs.)

Theatr Clwyd instance list filtered by 'Best price'
Nifty integration with the Spektrix API calls live ticket availability – to inform the 'Best seats' and 'Best price' filters

Behind the scenes, the super-flexible content management system (Craft CMS) and wide range of modular components give Team TC plenty of scope for being playful, and experimenting with different page layouts and types of content – to make things look new and exciting.

And it's quick and easy to build pages, which should come in particularly handy during the theatre's capital redevelopment project, when there’ll be regular updates to get out to people.

Supercool are a bloody delight to work with – they listen and give ideas, but, more importantly, push back if they think an idea can be done in a different way. It's a really great way of working to get something collaboratively better. Trust them and you get rewarded.

Sam Freeman – Communications and Giving Director, Theatr Clwyd

It’s been great working with Sam, Crayg, and the team; we’re excited to see how they use the new website over the coming months and years.

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