Supercool Sessions #6: How to make What's On listings more accessible, with Caspian Turner

23 June 2022

This Supercool Session was recorded live on Thursday 16 June 2022

Supercool's Strategy Director Kate Mroczkowski is joined by Caspian Turner of Accessible By Design.

A hot topic in many of the user focus groups Caspian’s led recently is the accessibility of digital What’s On and Calendar listings. So, what can be done to improve the browsing experience for people who use assistive tech? (As well as those who don’t!)

Headshot of a smiling Caspian – he's wearing a black t-shirt, has short-cropped hair and an impressive black beard!

Caspian Turner is a Digital Accessibility Specialist and founder of Accessible by Design. He's worked in the arts and technology sectors for nearly 15 years. His wide-ranging experience covers ticketing, customer service, and IT roles in-house, and working for sector service providers on everything from purchase path implementations to strategic consultancy.

Caspian is a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals and an accredited Web Accessibility Specialist.

Great for:
  • Marketing / Audience Development Officers and Managers
  • Digital Marketing teams
  • Anyone who creates digital content for your organisation
In the session you'll learn:
  • A bit about digital accessibility in general
  • Common accessibility pitfalls on event listing pages
  • What information to include, to help improve the browsing experience – for everyone!

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