Supercool Sessions #8: The reports are out – what next?

21 February 2023

This Supercool Session was recorded live on Thu 16 Feb 2023

Short on time?

We've picked out some key talking points, along with their practical takeaways, in this handy blog post – 5 insights from our conversation with Katy Raines and Chris Unitt

Supercool's Strategy Director Kate Mroczkowski is joined by Katy Raines from Indigo, and Chris Unitt from One Further.

Here at Supercool, we've been digging into reports from consultants Indigo and One Further – looking at where their findings intersect, and thinking about what that could mean for those of you managing websites, audience development, and sales targets.

In this Supercool Session we discuss some of the reports' findings, and chat with Katy and Chris about using this data to support your work – both day-to-day and in the longer term.

Great for:
  • Marketing / Audience Development Officers, Managers and Directors
  • Digital Marketing teams
  • Anyone interested in applying data-led research to their work

You'll learn:
  • Key findings from Indigo and One Further reports
  • What this research means for you
  • Bright ideas about using these findings in your work

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