My pronouns are he/him

Since achieving a degree in computing, I’ve been developing my skills as a programmer at various agencies. I worked my way up to Technical Director at McCann, where I led the migration of the company's portfolio into Craft CMS, and taking responsibility for everything in a project’s lifecycle – from technical planning through to support, and digital infrastructure maintenance.

As a big proponent of secure, accessible, green technologies – and as a user of many Supercool websites – I am super happy to be working on sustainable websites in the arts and culture sector. I'm also a big fan of what Supercool gives back to the Craft CMS community.

The strong backbone of the development team, I keep an eye on how our tech stack utilises new technologies to best please our clients – and their users.

A proud Bristollian, in my spare time I enjoy music, going to festivals, houseplants, gardening, and good coffee.

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