Measuring our success with NPS

9 March 2022

We’re really proud of the strong, trusting relationships we build with our clients, and we hope that everyone enjoys working with us. So we decided to put this to the test by running an NPS survey.

What's that?

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. And an NPS survey is a quick way to measure how happy customers are with your service. It asks just one simple question:

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend [e.g. Supercool] to a friend or colleague?"

People who select 1-6 out of 10 are known as 'Detractors' – they're essentially your dissatisfied customers. Those who select 7 or 8 are 'Neutrals' – they're not particularly unhappy with you, but they're not particularly impressed either. But people who pick a score of 9 or 10 – they're known as 'Promoters' and they're your super-fans!

Having run an anonymous survey with our clients, we used the resulting data to calculate our Net Promoter Score.

Learn more about NPS and how it’s calculated on Wikipedia.

Supercool's current Net Promoter Score is: 76

This is great! To put that 76 in context, NPS can range between -100 and +100 and a score above 0 is considered 'Good', with anything over 50 rated 'Excellent'.

The average NPS for B2B marketing companies is 28 and for software companies it’s 32. As for the big brands, Netflix has a score of 29 – and Starbucks do slightly better than us, with a score of 77. (They're the ones to beat.)

What’s next?

We’re really pleased with our score, and have taken time to celebrate it as a team. But we always strive to do better. We left space for additional comments as part of our survey, and along with fantastic compliments we got some really useful, constructive feedback.

Based on all the comments we received, here are some things we’ll be working on:

  • Finding ways to capture our successes in case studies, and regularly sharing these wins and insights across our clientbase.
  • Having more regular catch-ups with everyone.
  • Continuing to expand our library of helpful resources – including our "super useful" webinars, blog posts, and monthly newsletter.
  • Maintaining – if not improving on – our current level of "brilliant" client service.

We’ll also be introducing the NPS survey to our Support Centre – asking clients to rate us after each piece of work is done.

This will help us track our NPS on an ongoing basis, so we can quickly spot where to make improvements – and celebrate when we do a great job!

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