Supercool Sessions #10: Act Green 2023 findings revealed

12 September 2023

This Supercool Session was recorded live on Mon 11 Sep 2023

In 2022, Indigo ran the first Act Green survey – 77% of audiences said that "cultural organisations have a responsibility to influence society to make radical change to address the climate emergency". Strong words.

Act Green is designed to help cultural organisations:

  • Discover how different audience groups view the role of cultural organisations in tackling the climate crisis
  • Develop impactful ways to communicate with different audience groups
  • Shape strategies for how best to involve audiences in sustainability initiatives
Act Green 2023

The 2023 survey was sent out by 87 cultural organisations across the UK and generated more than 17,000 responses. In this Supercool Sessions takeover, Katy Raines and Flo Carr from Indigo, along with Catrin John, reveal how audience and visitor attitudes towards the climate emergency – and the role of cultural organisations in tackling it – are changing.

Great for:
  • Marketing / Audience Development Officers and Managers
  • Digital Marketing teams
  • Anyone who's part of a cultural organisation's Sustainability/Environmental Working Group or similar
Sponsorship blurb!

Supercool and Indigo both care deeply about taking meaningful action to fight the climate crisis – and sharing our knowledge with the wider cultural sector. That's why our sponsorship of Act Green 2023 feels like such a natural partnership. Thanks for doing – and sharing – this research, Indigo! 🧡🌳

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