Supercool Sessions #4: Accessibility and Inclusion with Molly Watt

28 June 2021

This Supercool Session was recorded live on Thursday 24 June 2021

Photo of Molly Watt, a 26-year-old woman with long, fair wavy hair, freckles, and a nose ring

Guest speaker Molly Watt talks about her experiences of digital accessibility and inclusion. Molly has a condition called Usher Syndrome which causes deafblindness and has no cure.

Molly is a motivational speaker, author, illustrator, and avid blogger. She is an advocate and ambassador of both GN Resound and Sense, a national deafblind charity in the UK. Using her negative experiences to make a positive difference to others, Molly is proud to have spoken at the Houses of Parliament, Harvard Medical School, Apple Campus, Spotify, Camp Digital, the BBC, the NHS and for private audiologists around the UK.

She is director of Molly Watt Talks, a usability and accessibility consulting group, and co-founder of the Molly Watt Trust, a non-profit helping to raise awareness about Usher Syndrome and provide access to technology. Molly works part time in Nexer Digital’s design team in the UK, as an accessibility and usability specialist.

Molly has recently been nominated in 2021’s National Diversity Awards as a positive role model, and in the Shaw Trust’s Disability Power 100 of influencers.

Her passion is accessibility and the use of assistive technology to enable and enhance the lives of people living with life-changing conditions.

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Great for:
  • Digital Marketing teams
  • Front of House teams who liaise with people with disabilities
  • Anyone interested in accessibility and inclusion
The session covers:
  • Molly's story and experiences
  • The importance of designing inclusive, accessible products and services
  • The opportunities presented by digital technology to make the world more accessible

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