Supercool’s NPS results – 2023

30 May 2023

In March last year, we began measuring how happy our clients are to work with us by using an anonymous Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey.

The survey asks one question – How likely are you to recommend Supercool to a friend or colleague? – with the option to score Supercool out of 10.

Last year our Net Promoter Score was 76 – a really great score, and something to be very proud of. (But we also knew there was room for improvement as, technically, it’s possible to get 100!)

This year our Net Promoter Score is 71.

This is still an excellent score – anything above 50 is considered ‘excellent’ – but it is a few points lower than last year.

Learn more about NPS and how it’s calculated on Wikipedia.

Why has our score dropped?

Respondents were able to add comments to the survey. Based on these comments, our response rate and proactiveness haven’t been quite as good recently.

We’ve had a period of growth, which inevitably means some degree of upheaval and uncertainty, and lots of new processes, ideas and challenges – right across the team. Whilst we tried to protect our clients from this, our Net Promoter Score suggests we weren't quite as successful with that as we'd hoped to be.

And we were aware that our service levels had dropped somewhat just before we sent the survey. Yes, we could have held off on sending the survey in the hope of getting a better score later in the year – but that wouldn’t have been honest!

It’s actually reassuring to see that our main concerns about the service we’re offering our clients were correct. We’ve already been thinking about how we can improve our service through additional reporting internally, improving communication, and adopting new tools.

But first …

Let’s celebrate!

We received some wonderful comments from our clients. And a score of 71 is something to be really proud of! We’ve celebrated internally by sharing the positive feedback and looking back at some of our favourite projects over the last year.

“My life has changed for the better since Supercool built our website.”

“The Supercool team are a dream to work with! Super responsive, helpful and willing to share ideas to support us to improve our website.“

“Supercool always think from the client's side and make IT language very understandable. The functions developed in our website are very easy to handle. The best website design firm I worked with around the world!”

“My life has changed for the better since Supercool built our website.”

What’s next?

Clients sent us lots of constructive feedback – mostly relating to how quickly tasks, features, and bugs were deployed and fixed. There was also a call for more proactive support.

So we have a plan of action that we’ll be working on over the next 6-10 months:

  • Increase our team capacity by hiring a new developer
  • Improve our reporting so we can easily spot tasks that have been with us for more than two weeks
  • Review our Supercool Sessions series and bring-in more speakers from our clientbase to discuss their challenges and ideas
  • We benchmark across our clientbase and use the data to provide insights for our clients. We’ll be reviewing this to see if we can improve the data, provide more actionable suggestions, and tie it in to specific features we’re developing with our clients
  • Create a client-specific newsletter that shares some of the new features we’ve developed and case studies on how our clients use the tools we build to achieve their goals

If you’d like to talk to us about our Net Promoter Score, or provide us with any additional feedback directly, get in touch with me –

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