Teddy Thompson

21 January 2008

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As a little 'Happy Birthday' to ourselves (Supercool turned 4 on Saturday), we went to The Glee Club to see singer-songwriter chap Teddy Thompson. And it was ace!

He started his set with some folky kind of bits from his last album, then bought on his band for his latest stuff – cover versions of country classics ...! Yes I know – I was a bit dubious at first (the Country & Western radio station from GTA sprung to mind) but it was actually great once I got into it.

The band were fantastic, especially the multi-talented David Mansfield who's apparently something of a legend, having toured extensively with Bob Dylan in ye olden days. Over the course of the set he played guitar, pedal steel, dobro and fiddle, and was brilliantly, distgustingly accomplished on each. Makes me wish I'd kept up practice on the old joanna ...

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