My pronouns are he/him

I left high school with no career goals to speak of, and ended up going to Uni to study History & Classics just because it felt like the done thing. I managed to scrape a degree out of it, and after graduating I took the chance to move down to London after my girlfriend was offered a job there. Whilst there, I worked for a few tech start-ups, where I took on a variety of roles – including customer service, office management and smart-home installation.

During this time I had the opportunity to experience the development workflow first-hand, and realised this was something that I was actually interested in, enjoyed doing and found immensely satisfying.

I plateaued fairly quickly in my attempts to teach myself how to program, so opted to enrol in a 16-week intensive Software Development course in my mid 20s. This was probably the best decision I ever made, and I have built-up some incredibly valuable agency experience in the years since, which has led to working here at Supercool!

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